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Two decks of cards designed to help book artists begin a new project.

Artist's book bound in a modified flag book structure about how to translate life experience into narrative.

Artist's book depicting Thrams's time as artist in residence in the remote coastal rainforest of the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies Peterson Bay Field Station on Kachemak Bay, Alaska.

Church structure covered in newspaper and constructed of wood; roof of the church lifts up to reveal a charred King James Bible underneath.

Artist's book with interleave structure that explores how books work and what books are.

Artist's book juxtaposing photographs of rabbits with newspaper reports of lynchings.

Artist's book depicting specimens made with 1/2" paper punches that simulate bodies being "riddled" with bullets during lynchings.

Artist's book of a large kitchen utensil organizer filled with an omnivore's memories of eating and the remembrances and rituals that attend eating. Contains coasters, an apron, a placemat, recipes, and assorted other pieces.

Artist's books depicting the ways human worlds and natural spaces intersect; translucent vellum sheets demarcate spaces. Full text and images become visible after vellum sheets are turned.

Miniature artist's book depicting a fish-eye-level view of a stream via a tunnel book structure.
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