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MARBL Rare Books


This collection is for materials from MARBL that have a call number and are not in a manuscript collection.

Items in the MARBL Rare Books Collection

Artist's Book, Alicia Bailey, Cosmeceutical Collection
Pink box containing three miniature books thatcomment on the history of the cosmetics industry and the business of female beauty.

Artist's Book, Susan Collard, Interlinear
Accordion book made from cotton-wrapped polyester thread, perforated circuit board, airplane linen, watercolor paper, and wood veneer on poplar.

Artist's Book, Elsi Vassdal Ellis, There Goes the Neighborhood
Artist's book that discusses environmentalism; 19th century engravings manipulated in Photoshop with pop-up houses and attachments.

Artist's Book, Jeanne Germani, Tuckamore
Tunnel book with color photograph of a tuckamore tree and an accompanying poem.

Artist's Book, Julie Shaw Lutts, Alterations and Adjustments
Unique book in a vintage wooden box that examines the role of the ideal 1950s housewife.

Artist's Book, Lise Melhorn-Boe, What's for Dinner?
Meander book that examines the effects of agribusiness on food production; the book is made out of found tablecloths, fabric swatches, paper, and plastic utensils.

Artist's Book, Pamela Paulsrud, Touchstones
One from a series of books that have been sanded down to form miniature books that look like polished stones.

Artist's Book, Linda Welch, Concealed Within (49)
Unopenable artist's book incorporating painting, screen printing, collage, and wax.

Artist's Book, Maureen Cummins, Anatomy of Insanity
Inspired by patient records that the artist looked at in the archives of McLean hospital, this book examines gendered beliefs about mental illness.

Artist's Book, Ellen Knudson, Wild Girls Redux: An Operator's Manual
Artist's book that examines female gender performance and sexism, using motorcycle road and driving rules as text along with images of pin-up girls and industrial schematic illustrations.

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